Believe Organ Donor Support

BELIEVE – ORGAN DONOR SUPPORT is a charity established by Anna-Louise Bates in memory of Stuart and Fraser (Bear) Bates aiming to promote and support Organ Donation across Wales and beyond.  Anna-Louise Bates, whose son Fraser and husband Stuart were struck crossing a road in Talbot Green, established BELIEVE – ORGAN DONOR SUPPORT to encourage other families to discuss their wishes over organ donation.

When announcing her decision to form the charity Anna-Louise said:

“It was from our faith that we had a family discussion on organ donation and it is my belief that Fraser’s destiny was to give life even in death.  Knowing my decision to donate organs was based on their expressed wishes to help other families has given me strength and incredible inner peace.  

We believe we can create a lasting and valuable legacy for Fraser and Stuart by creating another charity, called BELIEVE, to publicise the need for everyone to have this tough conversation on organ donation.  

Knowing exactly what a loved one wants should you ever face such a tragedy will help you immensely when making the difficult and right choice; it also saves times which can be critical for doctors in such circumstances.”

Since announcing the formation of the charity the word has been spreading rapidly both across the UK and the rest of the world. There are now 2 main ways the word is spreading, the Believe stance, and the travels of Fraser Bear. Both of these are powerful symbols which have captured the public imagination and are helping to bring the important message of organ donation to many more people. There are now a small army of people helping spread these message.

Ongoing media coverage of Believe – Organ Donor Support had continued to boost the profile of the charity and ensure that the message about the importance of organ donation and the discussion about organ donation continues to spread. The recent 5k event was exceedingly successful at furthering the awareness and fundraising for the charity and photos can be found on the site of the official event photographer Scott Griffiths

Recently Elizabeth, (Anna-Louise’s daughter and Fraser’s young sister), was honoured to be the Cardiff City mascot for the match against Leeds United at Cardiff City Stadium.  This was only days after Anthony Pilkington’s emotive ‘Believe’ goal celebration.

Anna-Louise and Elizabeth at Cardiff City Stadium

Anna-Louise and Elizabeth at Cardiff City Stadium

Anthony Pilkington's Believe stand goal celebration

Anthony Pilkington’s Believe stance goal celebration

Anna-Louise was on ITV News at 10 on the 7th April talking about Believe, Organ Donation and the new Organ Donor memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Besides asking everyone to have the conversation about Organ Donation, Anna-Louise is asking people to promote the ‘Believe Stance’ and share it as widely as possible. If you get any photos of you, your friends, school class, co-workers, doing the Believe stance we’d love to see them. Please Tweet them to @FraserBearBates or send them on Facebook to believebear15. If you are lucky enough to meet Fraser Bear on his worldwide adventure we’d love to see photos of how he is.

The Believe stance in action

The Believe stance in action

Fraser Bear making new friends

Fraser Bear making new friends

Anna-Louise is continuing to promote Believe and working hard towards receiving the required official charity status before embarking on the next phase of the Believe journey. To find out more about what has been happening lately check out the following pages:

The objectives of Believe Organ Donor Support will be

  1. To provide relief
    1. of all donors and their families and carers who have agreed to organ and/or tissue donation
    2. of all patients and their families whose sickness or medical condition can be improved by the provision of organs by deceased or living persons
  2. To provide advice, assistance and support to
    1. the families of deceased persons who opted to donate their organs or tissue to patients
    2. living persons who have resolved to donate their organs or tissue to patients, and their families and carers
  3. To promote the education of the public in the benefits of organ donation and to mobilise, encourage, foster and maintain the interest and support of the public in organ donation.
  4. To improve and enhance procedures for the provision of organ donation to patients and to strengthen the training and skills of medical staff employed in such procedures.

Anyone looking to support Believe please check out the Donate page for details of how you can help.

To contact Believe Organ Donor Support please email: [email protected]

Stuart and Fraser

In loving memory of Stuart and Fraser

The Bates Family

Stuart, Anna-Louise, Fraser and Elizabeth

Following publicity surrounding the accident House of Fraser kindly donated a number of Fraser Bears to the Bates family and to Fraser’s school friends. One of these bears is travelling the world to raise awareness of Believe and you can follow his travels on his Facebook page