Missing You

Hi, Anna here
I Was wondering if I could bother you and ask if you could help me at all and spare just a few moments on Friday of this week?
As you are aware tragedy did befall my perfect family just a year last December when my husband and son were killed crossing a road.
Following a recent conversation with my husband and full “belief” In what my family would have wanted I managed to have the strength to donate Frasers organs who went on to save at least 4 lives.
Since then we have registered our charity BELIEVE to enhance education at all ages on organ donation and to support those persons involved in transplantation.

The charity has already achieved so much and have enjoyed many “highs” in the last 12 Months however I personally was feeling very low and a little despondent as I tried to cope with the second year of handling things for my beautiful daughter Elizabeth and I.

It was then that I came across a CD called Missing You that stu had sung back in 1996/7. ( He played it to me years ago but I had completely forgotten about it !)

I put it on social media and listened again to the words. It was if Stuey was telling me that it was OK to miss him and Fraser and it made me feel less alone.
He has given me again not only a brilliant memory ( and a wonderful song for Elizabeth) but a sign and a message that Elizabeth and I can carry on and deal with life, the gift of life and our charity work.

The song received just on Facebook over 1.8k views and I was approached by numerous people asking if they could buy a copy.

Accordingly I obtained the consent of the writers family to release the tracks and was then kindly offered help from The famous company who uploaded the 2 track CD onto iPlayer Spotify and Apple Music. This will be available to download from Friday.

I am hoping that Stu and the release of the CD will give others strength the way it did me , will encourage people to continue to talk
about the taboo subjects of organ donation and bereavement and will provide a form of support to all.

The proceeds from the downloads will be split between 2 wish upon a star ( a bereavement charity that was and continues to remain close to the Bates family hearts )
and Believe organ donor support which was set up following the donation of Stueys tissue donation and Fraser Bears organ donation.

So to my original question what could you do to help?

You could download the track at £1.29 and  push for us on social media to
Create a kind of
Thunderclap effect or simply
Share with your friends and family .

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy stueys singing as much as we
all did and continue to do x

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